Introducing the Awesome Family STEM Sessions with LEGO Education by IMS Ltd. in collaboration with Microsoft Innovation Centre where parents and kids join forces to create and code a variety of robots using the Official LEGO Education range of dedicated kits. Together, you will learn how to program your robot and put it to the ultimate test of speed, strength or wits against other teams of parents and kids.

Explore real-life scenarios by connecting and discussing with other kids and parents to find solutions to real-life problems.


Create your own robot through collaboration by building and programming your own creation as team… Parent and Child… Quality time at its best.


Share your experience, discoveries and findings with the group. Create memories to take home with you to share and show around.

Put your creation to the test against other inventors’ creation in a battle of speed, strength and wits to find out who will be crowned Mini Master Builder of the day.


Session Dates & Times Coming Soon…

I feel the need… the need for speed!

How can a car go faster? In this session you will explore the features of a race car and look into what makes them go so fast. You will then be set on a mission to create and program your own race care to investigate what factors would make it go even faster. Finally, you will be taken to the starting line along with all the other engineers to find out will will be crowned the Grand Prix Mini Master Builder.


Moon Base Mission

How would you build a moon base. Your mission should you choose to accept will be to explore why we would set up a base on the moon and how you could do it. Your main task will be to create and program a robot that can move on the surface of the moon and test it by building the moon base at a specific location. Put your wits to the test against other space explorers to see who can collect the most materials to build the most Awesome Moon Base of them all.


The Mighty Magic of Metamorphosis

In this session we look at the mighty morphin’ powers of frogs. You will explore what you know about the stages in the life cycle of a frog from birth to adult. You will create and program a robot tadpole and later morph it into an adult frog. Who knows? You might even get the chance to meet one of these fine creatures in person (or frog) at the event. Finally, it’ll be time to put your frog to the test in a real-life version of the arcade classic “Frogger”. Will your frog manage to get to the other side of the pond?… or the road?


To Boldly Go Where No Kid Has Gone Before…

How do scientists explore the deepest oceans? The fiery depths of volcanoes? The outer reaches of space? It is time to explore the different ways in which scientists and engineers reach remote places. Meet Milo the Science Rover…. actually… Create and program Milo the Science Rover and see how Milo can help you discover previously unknown species of plant and wild life. Later team up with other Milo Rovers to reach destinations that were previously unreachable. No competitions here, but it’s time to collaborate and communicate to reach your goal together.


Sessions are conducted by Certified LEGO Education Academy Trainers

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