Our Awesome Summer Sessions kick off soon and here are some of the sessions we have planned for your children!

Weird Science Wednesday

Introducing one of our first sessions to take place this Summer! ‘Weird Science Wednesday’ inspires children through an interactive environment of discovery that ignites their imagination. Children will develop scientific knowledge, such as exploring the fun side of chemistry by looking at how different chemicals react with each other, where lots of different colours, shapes and crystals as well as different sounds and textures, will be observed. This session will consist of several hands on activities such as building an active volcano, where children will build their own live volcano using harmless and friendly chemicals, whilst answering many questions such as what is lava and why and how volcanoes erupt.

Early Hours or Late Drop Off Programme

During the extra hours programme, (early drop off and late pick up) we have a series of activities planned for children, so it is not just supervised play. These activities are designed to allow students the freedom to be creative and to experiment to their hearts content in order to satisfy their curiosity whilst picking up and putting into practice the 4 main skills of the 21st century – Collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. Activities such as Dance workshops where kids copy and recreate dance moves of professional dancers to their favourite tunes. This is done through the use of a game platform where their moves are tracked through motion control devices and achieve scores based on the accuracy of their moves. Other activities such as digital Design workshops where children are given the opportunity to learn about graphic design through the use of various Microsoft products. We will make sure that your children will never want to leave any of our sessions, by keeping them occupied and entertained every second!

Minecraft Mania

Minecraft is an open-world game unlike any other, where children are provided with limitless blocks and are allowed to create anything with them. Children collect materials from the world around them in order to ‘craft’ items and build whatever their mind can imagine. ‘Minecraft Mania’ sessions will look at different aspects of creating from scratch, such as building pyramids and creating a series of tunnels and passage ways filled with traps. Children are given the opportunity to put their creations to the test by letting other friends have a go at finding the lost treasures that are hidden deep below the surface.

Time Travel Tuesday

On ‘Time Travel Tuesday’ children will be given the chance to travel to other dimensions! Children will learn about a specific period, in the past or in the future and will put their knowledge to the test by designing and/or creating that world through LEGO bricks, LEGO Story Visualizer Software as well as Minecraft. Children will also be introduced to the design and creation of digital comic strips as well as basic photography and photo editing skills. Sessions such as looking back at our own Stone Age remains in Malta or fast forwarding to the year 3000 are some periods that children will look into.

Kid's Got Talent

‘Kid’s Got Talent’ allows children to express all aspects of the performing arts,  giving them the chance to learn about the history of music, as well as the science behind instruments and how sound travels. Children will look into the evolution of specific instruments such as the percussion and will also look at a more digital version of a hand percussion allowing them to compare between the two and discover the difference between analogue and digital. Children will also be able to look into common rhythms found in popular music providing them with the chance to practice and produce the rhythm in sync within a drum circle whilst promoting the importance of collaboration and team work.

Expect lots of fun and exciting activities keeping your children entertained every second!

Awesome Summer Sessions are near!