HiTechnic NXT Gyro Sensor

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Measure the additional dimension of rotation with the NXT Gyro Sensor. This sensor that lets you accurately detect rotation for your NXT projects.


The NXT Gyro Sensor returns the number of degrees per second of rotation as well as indicating the direction of rotation. Measure +/- 360° per second and build robots that can balance, swing or perform other functions where measurement of rotation is essential.

The NXT Gyro Sensor contains a single axis gyroscopic sensor that detects rotation and returns a value representing the number of degrees per second of rotation.

The Gyro Sensor connects to an NXT sensor port using a standard NXT wire and utilizes the analog sensor interface.  The rotation rate can be read up to approximately 300 times per second. The Gyro Sensor is housed in a standard Mindstorms sensor housing to match the other Mindstorms elements.

HiTechnic NXT Gyro Sensor