IMS ltd was founded in 2003 to provide SMEs with cost effective marketing, advertising and PR services. In 2005 we undertook the task of developing our own Web Content Management System to facilitate the global dispersal of our client’s company information through the Internet.  

Our vast experience in Multimedia and Computer Technologies gave us a profound insight in ICT and in 2007 we identified the need to branch into the Education sector to make innovative educational ICT equipment and Resources available in the local classrooms and homes.

IMS Ltd has since been instrumental in providing high quality educational products to local Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools and also at the University of Malta and MCAST, many products of which have become fundamental tools to support the National curricular requirements.  Whilst actively providing specialised support services across various levels in the education sector, our company also recognises the need to address both high-achievers and children with special needs by supplying technologicaly advanced education resources and Multi-Sensory / SEN equipment and products.

In order to deliver the best possible products and services, we continuously work closely with the  education authorities and institutions, educators, parents and our suppliers which include world-renowned Companies offering award winning Products and Brands.     

Our mission is to seek, identify, provide and support the best educational resources  relevant to the national curriculum requirements

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