Vernier Stainless Steel Temperature Probe

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The Stainless Steel Temperature Probe is a rugged, general-purpose temperature sensor that can be used in organic liquids, salt solutions, acids, and bases. Use it as you would use a thermometer for experiments in chemistry, physics, biology, Earth science, and environmental science.



  • Temperature range: –40 to 135°C (–40 to 275°F)
  • Maximum temperature that the sensor can tolerate without damage: 150°C
  • Typical Resolution:
    • 0.17°C (–40 to 0°C)
    • 0.03°C (0 to 40°C)
    • 0.1°C (40 to 100°C)
    • 0.25°C (100 to 135°C)
  • Temperature sensor: 20 kΩ NTC Thermistor
  • Accuracy: ±0.2°C at 0°C, ±0.5°C at 100°C
  • Response time (time for 90% change in reading):
    • 10 seconds (in water, with stirring)
    • 400 seconds (in still air)
    • 90 seconds (in moving air)
  • Probe dimensions:
    • Probe length (handle plus body): 15.5 cm
    • Stainless steel body: length 10.5 cm, diameter 4.0 mm
    • Probe handle: length 5.0 cm, diameter 1.25 cm
Vernier Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
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